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Wierzbicka, Anna, Ph.D.



Anna Wierzbicka is a Professor of Linguistics at the Australian National University. She is the author of more than twenty books, spanning many disciplines across the humanities, all underpinned by the conviction that an innate “alphabet of human thoughts” is the key to all human understanding ad to the diversity of languages and cultures. She is originator of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage approach to language, thought and culture. Her latest books are Imprisoned in English: The hazards of English as a default language (New York: OUP) and Words and Meanings: Lexical Semantics Across Domains, Languages, and Cultures co-authored with Cliff Goddard, Oxford, OUP). The flyers for these two books are attached.

Selected Publications

Wierzbicka, Anna (2013) IMPRISONED IN ENGLISH - The Hazards of English as a Default Language, Oxford University Press. Flyer

Goddard, Cliff and Wierzbicka, Anna (2013) Words and Meanings - Lexical Semantics Across Domains, Languages, and Cultures, Oxford University Press. Flyer