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Hannah, Ph.D. Student


I am a second year doctoral student in the Fordham University counseling psychology program. I am currently working with Dr. Eric Chen on a qualitative research study of his investigating the impact of the DACA on undocumented immigrant college students. My personal research interests revolve around indigenous psychology, in particular Indian and Native American psychologies. I am interested in looking at how we can benefit from the indigenous healing methods of other cultures in the US.

I am not sure if this is appropriate material for the bio, but I just thought it might be useful for me to mention that I am possibly interested in learning about spirit animals and investigating how they might be used in counseling. I also might be interested in contrasting purposes and outcomes of meditation and yoga as practiced in the indigenous cultures where the practices originated and those as employed in such Western professions as medicine. That way, if anybody has any literature on these topics worth reading they might be able to pass it along.