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Salagame, Kiran Kumar, Ph.D.


Integrating Indian psychological concepts to mainstream psychology is my current focus.  My interest in Indian concepts dates back to 1977, when I started working on my doctoral thesis as part of my professional training in Clinical Psychology. My research topic was related to altered states of consciousness.  Then, as a student,  to learn the Indian view that a fourth state serves as the background for the three states of consciousness viz., waking, dream, and deep sleep was very intriguing and even now I have not come to terms with it experientially, though intellectually that makes sense. It was a reversal of figure-ground relationship for me. That has made me to think about Indian psychology as qualitatively distinct from modern psychology and have felt strongly that Indian perspectives embrace modern psychology and go far beyond that. Hence, for me Indian psychology is not just indigenous psychology that is applicable to a geographical region or a particular population. It has universal significance. With this conviction, I have been trying to do whatever my intellectual resources permit me to highlight this point. You can access my CV for more details about me from the following link -  I am happy that I got an invitation to be part of this task force on the recommendation of a person (John Christopher) whom I have not met nor even heard of.  I treat this as an honour for my work and will do my best to help promote the objectives of this group.  Thank you all.

– Kiran