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Bullock, Merry, Ph.D.



Merry Bullock currently directs the International Affairs office at the American Psychological Association, where she oversees APA’s involvement in international academic, research, and policy activities, coordinates APA’s representation at the United Nations, and serves as APA’s point of contact for international outreach and policy. Bullock was the Deputy Secretary-General for the International Union of Psychological Science from 1998-2010, and currently is the editor for its web resource, Psychology Resources Around the World ( She has lived and worked in university and policy settings in Canada, Estonia, Germany, and the United States. Bullock’s research and scholarly writing has explored early cognitive development, volition, the development of scientific reasoning, policy development, and national psychology development. Her current focus is on the development of psychology in national contexts, international science policy, collaboration and exchange.

She says: "I am honored to join the IP task force. The issues, constructs, challenges and conversations about how to understand psychology within its multiple contexts are crucially important to our discipline. Disseminating a perspective that asks hard questions about what is universal, what is local in human behavior will, I hope, change our definitions of 'mainstream' psychology and allow us to build a truly inclusive science and practice."